Don't Compare Your Behind the Scenes to Somebody Else's Highlight Reel

I was posting some images on my personal Facebook and Instagram account last night. The photos were full of joy, laughter and happiness whilst I celebrated my best friend's birthday. And those emotions were totally true to the moment - we did have a fabulous time. But you know what those photos didn't show?

They absolutely did not show the personal fears or doubts I experience. They didn't show the difficult transition my best friend is currently making in her career. And they didn't show the sad news I received over the weekend, that I'm still processing. 


Because social media shows the world just a small fraction of one person's life.


This is one of the photos in question. It looks like three women who have it all figured out and live a fabulous life. And while at times that might sometimes be true, trust me - we all have behind the scenes that we don't share with social media. Every single one of us does.

That's why I urge you, please don't compare somebody else's highlight reel with your behind the scenes.

Because very few of us share images of ourselves curled up in bed, sweats on, greasy hair pulled back, toothpaste on our face as zit cream (yes, I genuinely do this!), crying over our recent break up into a tub of Ben and Jerry's. We've all been there, right?!

Many of the photos we see have been filtered (emotionally and physically!), they're flatteringly posed, taken from the perfect angle and there were probably many photos taken and the best one was chosen to post. And that's ok. I'm not judging that. But I think it's so healthy to realize that somebody else's highlight reel does not make your behind the scenes any less valid. We're all perfectly imperfect human beings in this world, figuring it out as we go along. We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days, amazing memories and lonelier days. And that's all part of being a human being in this world. We grow from it all. Just don't waste energy playing the comparison game.

Today, I'm sending you so much love, wherever you are at today on your journey....

Lots of love,

Helena xoxo

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