The Secret To True Happiness

I just got off the phone with a friend and was so inspired to write about something that we all kinda know. But don’t fully enable.

It’s our happiness superpower.

My friend was talking about his run on Santa Monica beach. An absolutely gorgeous part of the world that many dream of visiting, let alone living close to. 

White sand, gorgeous sunsets, palm trees and people out and about enjoying their lives.

He said, “Yea I was running thinking about the life I would like to lead.”

“A life like what?” I asked.

“Oh ya know, like living on the beach. That’d make me happy.”

"HOLD UP", I said.

So you’re running on Santa Monica beach, enjoying the incredible ocean air, wishing that you had a better life that involved actually living on the beach?

Um, yea. He said.

My friend was not present at all to the fact that there he was, doing what most people dream of doing. Running on Santa Monica beach. Something which he lives less than 30 minutes away from being able to do every single day.

But it wasn't enough. Because he didn’t live ON the beach.

Can you see how what we choose to focus on in the present moment can actually hold us back from realizing that we are in fact living a life of happiness?

I explained to him that when I first came here at 19, I walked around Santa Monica wishing and hoping that I could one day live here. It wasn’t long at all before I made that happen.

And now whenever I see the sun setting over the beach or look up and see the palm trees, I give immense gratitude that my dream is now a reality. And in that moment, I find happiness.

Me giving gratitude for the life I've created during my sunset run on Santa Monica Beach! Bliss!

Me giving gratitude for the life I've created during my sunset run on Santa Monica Beach! Bliss!

Am I exactly where I want to be for the rest of my life? No. 

Do I get sad? Yes.

But I do choose to find happiness in my life every day. I focus on the positive. I find happiness in the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Because I realize that happiness is a choice and not a destination.

My friend was so focused on the fact he didn't live on the beach that he was missing the fact he was free running on the beach in that very moment. And that, compared to most people, he practically did live by the beach!

Happiness isn’t constantly found in the material objects we strive for. It’s not the house, the car, the handbag, the size of our body, the shape of our nose…

The secret to happiness is how we CHOOSE to look at life, the objects around us and most importantly…it’s how we choose to feel about ourselves. 

Your dream car may add to your happiness. But unless you choose to find gratitude and happiness every single day, you’ll always be striving for something outside of yourself to make you happy. And you'll never be satisfied.

I don’t want to live my life constantly striving for something more. So much so, that I forget to feel the Ocean breeze on my face.

So what can you choose to be grateful and happy for today?

Today I'm grateful for the laptop that gives me the ability to type with my fingertips and spread my message around the world. And I'm also very grateful for the smell of coffee brewing coming from my stove!

Your turn....

Love always,

Helena xoxo