How are you feeling about Valentine's Day tomorrow?

No matter how hard we try to ignore or downplay this Hallmark holiday, it can bring up a lot of anxiety for so many of us. Doesn't matter whether you're single, in a relationship, having a Galentine's Day celebration or it's just downright complicated - we can still place so many expectations on the day. 

Big personal share here but I actually got back with an ex of mine around Valentine's Day just because I let my inner Little Miss Fear rear her head and tell me that I had to be with someone for that day. Let's just say, I learnt my lesson from that and the relationship did not last much longer.

Since then, I've been on a massive journey of personal growth and this year I am so so so happy to be single and focusing on my independence. I've promised myself a day off and a day of complete self-care and self-love. And because I've been working so much on the relationship that I have with myself, there's absolutely no fear surrounding being single this week. In fact, I'm grateful and excited about it!

That's why I loved talking to Jessica Leigh this week, who is the best-selling author of The Modern Classic Woman. Both of us are choosing to honor ourselves this week and we shares some fantastic ways to release the expectations so many of us place on our lives. She's a warrior Goddess and has so many nuggets of wisdom to share with the world. Watch a clip from our interview here:

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Lots of love,

Helena xoxo

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