How To Overcome Fear By Making Friends With It

I have a question for you...

Do you ever freak out and go into a mild state of panic when something amazing is unfolding in your life?

We've all been there.

A job opportunity...
An incredible man....
Your relationship is in an amazing place...
The trip of a lifetime is offered to you...
Moving to a new and exciting city...

So many great things, so many great opportunities and then suddenly...


Little Miss FEAR pops up1

She's like "hang on a minute girlfriend, where do you think you're going...? You think you want to evolve? You think you want to uplevel? You actually think you want to do something different and change your life? Why would you do any of those things when you're perfectly fine exactly where you are?"

Because HERE is safe. HERE is ordinary. HERE I know how to handle. HERE is familiar.

And OUT THERE is scary. OUT THERE is unfamiliar. OUT THERE I don't know how to protect you because I don't know what might hurt you. OUT THERE is unchartered territory so I'm just going to paralyze you with fear and keep you exactly where you are! That's waaaaayyyyy easier.

Is this resonating with you, girlfriend? Of course it is because we've all got our own inner Little Miss Fear.

Every single one of us.

The only difference is how we choose to deal with her. Are you going to let her rule your life or are you going to put your big girl superhero panties on and say "fuck this shit" and step out of that familiar comfort zone?

Are you going to say "Life is worth living!" and I'm gonna go live it.

Remind your inner Little Miss Fear that yes...

It might be scary.
There might be ups and downs.
There may be rough winds ahead.

But by god am I gonnna go experience them.

Ya feel me?

Today is the longest lunar eclipse of this century. The next one won't be up 2129 (crazy, right!?) so it is a perfect time to make new beginnings and transition into a more empowered way of thinking and feeling. And, whether or not you believe in all that powerful moon stuff, why not just set a new intention for yourself anyway?

So, comment below and let me know what fear you're going to release for yourself today.

Lots of love,