The Truth About Social Media


My best friend since I was four years old came to visit me last weekend. We've been through so much together (I mean, it is a 20 year friendship!) and while reflecting back at the little girls in school uniform playing Charlie's Angels in the school playground, it's been amazing to look at the women that we've grown into. We went to grab coffee as soon as she got off the train and literally the first conversation we started to have was about all the things that we wished we had known when we were teenagers! 

The conversation got raw and real. We talked everything from periods, to growing hair in our private areas (Tara thought at the time that this made her a freak!), to not comparing our lives with the lives of others on social media.

Being passionate about not letting any teen girl feel alone in her teen years, we decided to hit record and be totally honest and real about all the things that girls go through. Because this is Girl Unfiltered and it's your safe space to come to for love, support and answers.

Our 2nd video in this four part video series about - "What We Wished We Had Known" - today we're talking about how to use social media in a positive way, so that it doesn't knock your self-confidence! If you have any questions, simply leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you. Or DM me on instagram @girl_unfiltered.