Life has a plan for you, but it's up to you to choose it!

Life has an amazing plan for you! But it’s up to you to choose it.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to focus on what might not go right.

What if I choose the wrong subjects?

How am I supposed to know what career I want to have?

What if I choose the wrong college?

I don’t have any great friends.

My parents are always arguing.

Are these thoughts that just keep going around and around and around in your head so that all you focus on is the negative “what if’s” rather than the beautiful “could be’s”.

But what if you chose to focus on the endless, bountiful and incredible opportunities that surround you?

You, right now actually have the world at your fingertips.

Number one - you’re young! You have time to make mistakes, to enjoy life, to create, to travel and to experience.

And number two - you have an endless choice of paths before you.

I want you to remember that you have a choice.

I want you to believe that as a young woman in today’s society, anything is actually possible for you. Let go of what people may have told you is only possible. Let go of limiting beliefs. And believe that you can feel great about yourself. And that you can feel happy and successful and filled with joy. Because the secret is that you already are those things. You are already perfectly imperfectly wonderful.

Because when you focus on all the amazing, wonderful and positive things that are within your reach - you actually cause them to happen!

My best childhood friend, Tara, is one of my biggest inspirations. Why? Because she didn't let her circumstances control her. She created her own path.

If she decided she wanted to do something, she made it happen. Even though money was limited growing up and she doesn't have a large income, this incredible girl has literally travelled around the world. She's built orphanages. She's climbed Kilimanjaro. She's helped fund charities. She travelled through Europe with no money. Lived in Australia. And even though she was dyslexic, she still graduated from a top University with a first honors degree (summa cum laude for the Americans!).

She's incredible. She's always found a way and has never let anyone stop her. And now her job is actually doing what she loves - working with international charities!

Tara overlooking the Blue Mountains!
Tara overlooking the Blue Mountains!

She's my inspiration...not because she's on the front cover of magazines, not because she looks a certain way, not because she makes a ton of money...but because she lives her life believing in herself.

If you believe that you are capable. You will make it so.

This weekend I had the honor of watching Chris Hendricks perform live. Chris was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at four years old. And he's one of the most inspiring and talented people I've ever seen on stage.

He realized that the more he 'embraced' the things that he once saw as 'shortcomings', the more they became his 'footprint' on the world. Instead of seeing CP as something holding him back, he used it to push himself forward into creating an incredible fundraising movement called Perfectly Afflicted.

Chris says: "I know what it’s like to feel as though the world is against you and most importantly I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see something you’re afraid of." But he chose to see this as an opportunity and now funds local and national anti-bullying and teen suicide prevention programs.

He's my inspiration because he didn't let outside circumstances hold him back from living his life and creating a path that brings him joy.


When we have a closed mindset about what is possible, we actually prevent ourselves from discovering all the wonderful easy ways to make things happen.

Believe it, then live it!!!

What have you been thinking about? And how could you change those thoughts into productive, positive thoughts and dreams! I would love to hear from you! Leave those comments below...