Top Ten Things To Remember when....



1. Being different makes the world a more interesting place.

If we all just enjoyed doing the same things, then where would be the variety? What would make you the spectacularly unique person that you are? It’s ok to have different interests to your friends. Follow your heart, even if that means going against the herd. Love theatre? Sign up for the school play! Want to stay in and read a book? Enjoy every second of it!

2. Even if you haven’t already yet, you will meet people in your life that totally accept and love you for who you are.

In school, we live in a very tiny bubble in which people are just trying to fit in. But when you go out into the world, you’ll find so many more interesting people that are attracted to you for the very qualities that you’re afraid of showing in school. I promise you this…(it happened to me!)

3. Be kind to yourself!

We are not made to be perfect. I’ll repeat that. We are not made to be perfect. We are made to make mistakes. And learn from them! Sometimes we say the wrong thing. Sometimes we don’t know what the right thing to do is. Sometimes we’ll do things that we wish we hadn’t. But we grow from them. In those moments, ask yourself…how does this make me feel? What’s going on within me? And then, instead of beating yourself up, take the pressure off and choose to learn from it and move on.

4. Friends will come and go.

But the one person that will always be in your life is….YOU! So, doing something to fit in with a group of people that may not even be your friends later on in life, will only confuse the relationship that you have with yourself. Some friendships may last a lifetime and others might just be fleeting, but remember that real friendships mean being honest. Not just to your friends, but also to yourself. People will respect you more for it, no matter what age you are!

5. Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Staying true to yourself and being popular don’t always go hand in hand. Some people may even resent the fact that you respect yourself enough to stay true to yourself, because that’s something they don’t yet understand within themselves. But… it does mean that you’ll be a powerful woman who has the ability to trust her instincts and stay true to her personal values. This is such a powerful tool as you grow into your womanhood! And you’ll be amazed at how many people will admire you for it out in the big world.

6. Taking time for you is amazing!

Life can be busy. It can even be exhausting. And as young girls, multi-taskers and busy-bees…it can be very easy to forget about ourselves. I know that I personally feel the need to do everything! And usually all at once! But that’s not a healthy way to live life. So I remind myself almost every week, even throughout my day, to take time for myself! In fact, I crave it. And girl, this is such a positive thing! Love yourself enough to relish in alone time. Take time to do the things you love to do, away from the busy-ness of day to day life. Pick up your favorite book, run yourself a bath, cook your favorite meal, go for a walk in the sunshine, paint your nails…book a date with yourself!

7. You’re not a weirdo for not wanting to do something.

It just means that’s not your thing. So don’t let someone belittle you, tease you or tell you there’s something wrong with you just because you don’t feel like doing what they’re doing. This does not make you weird. It makes you strong. And the reason they might make you feel bad is because they want to actually feel better about what it is they’re doing! So don’t buy into it…let them figure that out for themselves while you stay strong in your own girl power!

8. If you feel a sense of dread before heading to a party or social gathering, just don’t go!

It’s not worth it! And that’s your body telling you something. Listen to it. That’s your gut instinct screaming at you. Listen to it. Trust me, I’ve learnt this the hard way. I’ve forced myself to go somewhere that I didn’t really feel like going and ended up standing around, faking a smile, feeling very uncomfortable and wanting to go and sit in the cubicle toilets and wait till it was all over!

9. Being true to yourself takes courage.

Because it means standing up for yourself. It’s not about being mean or disrespectful to others, it’s about respecting yourself enough to value your own inner voice and wisdom above the others around you! And that can be scary…especially as you’re growing up and the opinion of others can feel like everything! But, trust me, people will respect you more for it. And what’s more important is you’ll respect yourself.

10. Everyone else's opinion is secondary to your own.

Yes, it’s great to get advice from the people around you. Especially those you love and trust. I highly recommend listening to those you look up to and admire. They may have some pearls of wisdom to share with you. But, seeking the approval of your girlfriends, boyfriends, the cool kids or the Queenbee…all at the cost of doing something that you don’t feel comfortable with is NOT worth it. There’s a voice inside of you and it’s there to look out for you. That’s the opinion you want to listen to.