Quick mindset shifts to tap into your fullest potential

It's not what you are that is holding you back. It's what you think you are not.

I was watching the U.S. open this weekend with a friend who also happens to be a tennis player. I loved watching these amazing athletes, in their element and totally in the zone.

But honestly I wasn’t that interested in the tournament. (Just don’t tell my friend!) But what fascinated me was watching the athlete’s body language.

I watched how they talked to themselves in between sets.

I watched how some of the players looked so frickin' frustrated at themselves that they were ready to throw their racket across the court.

And I watched how others looked calm and collected and in control of their body and their thoughts.

There was one young player in particular who was swearing at himself, clenching his fists and mumbling negativity under his breath. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but it was just so obvious because that frustration was oozing out of his body. 

I commented on this to my friend and said, he’s literally telling his mind and body he’s losing. The more and more frustrated he’s getting, the worse he’s playing.

His mind and body were totally connected. And his mind was telling his body that he was playing badly.

So what did his body do?

It played badly.

And of course, he didn't win the match.

Now, I’m no sports psychologist but what I’ve certainly learnt over the years (even in my own workouts) is that the mind is so utterly connected to the body. When I think a negative thought about myself or about my body, I can feel myself feel physically weaker and unable to keep lifting that weight. Or, if I’m dancing, I start missing steps that I know like the back of my hand.

Well, the next day, my friend went to play tennis and what I had said to him stuck. I had told him to tell himself his serves were amazing. I told him to tell himself how amazingly he was playing. I told him, the moment you feel yourself starting to get frustrated, SMILE.

And guess what!? He called me the next day to tell me it worked! He played better because of it!

But, you see, this doesn’t just apply to tennis or sports players.

This applies to all areas of our lives.

When we feed our mind with negative thoughts, our body listens. When we tell ourselves we’re not good at something, it’s near impossible to get good at it.

That’s the universal law of attraction.

What we think, will be.

So, when I hated my body and told myself how fat and unattractive and not good enough I was every single day. My body listened.

It held onto all that emotional and physical weight.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't lose weight. Cellulite kept growing on the backs of my legs because I focused so negatively on my thighs.

My skin was pasty. 

I was miserable.

I was totally disconnected from my body. 

But when I learnt to love the girl in the mirror, a huge transformation took place.

The excess fat I had been holding onto melted away and I now maintain my healthy natural weight without even trying. The cellulite literally disappeared. Like - vanished! I watched my body shape change as I started to connect my body and mind positively. I started to talk to my body like it was my best friend. And in return, my body began to love me back. 

Just think about how powerful your mind is. 

And ok, maybe you won’t magically become a rocket scientist by telling yourself you are one. But you certainly won’t get anywhere by telling yourself you’re stupid and can’t do anything right.

So, what if, next time you have to go into a difficult situation, you tell yourself “I’ve got this”?

What if, you look in the mirror every day and tell the girl in the reflection just how frickin amazing she is?

What if, even when you don’t feel confident, you trick your body into thinking it is by pulling your shoulders back and smiling? Fake it until your body and mind connect to your confident self.

What if, just before you feel life’s metaphorical tennis ball hurtling towards you, you tell yourself you’ve got an amazing swing? Because hey, life will throw many balls at high speed in your direction. But I promise, you have the strength within you to swing them right back into the next court. Just embrace your inner Serena Williams.

Because you are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Don’t let your mind trick your body into thinking anything else.

Love and Light,

Helena xoxo


Comment below and tell me one thing that you could stop telling yourself negatively today! And I'll respond with a way to flip that thought into a positive one!