How To Practice Self-Love And Self-Acceptance With Christine Arylo And Helena Grace Donald

I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Christine Arylo for Self-Love Day. She is a multiple best-selling author and founded the Path of Self-Love School (I just completed my training there yaayyy!) and her mission in this world is to share the medicine of self-love with over 1 billion people. 

I think it's so important for us to truly ask ourselves - "Hey, what actually is self-love?" - because it can be a term we bandy around, but it's so important to understand what the value of the word truly is to our individual selves.

Here's an inspiring clip from our interview together!

How many of you, (if you're totally honest with yourself...!!) feel like you have to grasp for things outside of yourself to feel safe, loved or validated? Like dating that guy you know just isn't right for you. Or, feeling the need to stuff down your emotions with comfort food? Or, by pushing your body in a punishing workout as an escape for how you're feeling deep-down?

I get it. Life can be scary! But my gosh, it's far scarier to live a life totally disconnected from the one person that will always be in your life. Yourself.

That's why self-love is an absolutely fundamental foundation in all of our lives. But, I get that it's all very well and easy to preach "self-love", but what an earth is it? And where do we find it? And how do we practice it? 

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Lots of love,

Helena xoxo

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