Very Berry Smoothie!

This is a great snack or energy-booster in between meals. Or, I’ll make it right after a work out because it rejuvenates me post sweat!

Pre-Blended Ingredients!

Pre-Blended Ingredients!


A handful of frozen mixed berries (I use frozen because it makes the smoothie deliciously icy and cold - plus, you don’t have to worry about your fresh fruit going bad!)

Another tip is buying some fresh bananas, peeling them, splitting them in half and then popping them in a container and putting them in the freezer. Frozen bananas are so yummy in smooth-ies!

1/2 a cup of protein powder (I use a vegan protein powder but pick the one that works best for you. Just be sure to read the ingredients and make sure there’s no added sugar in there!)

A handful (or two!) of fresh spinach (Trust me, you won’t even taste it!)

2 cups of almond milk

I use a nutri-bullet to blend my smoothies. It’s so easy because I place all the ingredients in the cup and then pop the nutri cup on the blender and then can drink it from that very same cup. It’s also super easy to blend your smoothies in a regular smoothie maker or blender. And while you’re at it, double or triple the ingredients and blend some up for the family!