The Power of Making Peace With Your Body!

Wow, I am so frickin excited to be able to introduce you to Danika Brysha.

She is such an authentic and beautiful light in this world. She's an IMG curve model, the founder and CEO of Model Meals, a wellness coach and a beam of positive social media influence. (She's one of those people I urge you to follow for daily positivity and wellness tips!!) But, wellness and self-care wasn't something that just came easily to Danika. As a teenager and in her early twenties, Danika really struggled to love and accept her body. She didn't feel like she fit the mold that was dictated to her by society. She didn't know how to process the feelings inside of her so she used food as a numbing agent. And just like me, was a binge eater and suffered from bulimia.

Both of us have totally healed that negative thinking and we're both on a mission to help women to love and accept the skin she's in.

I'm so inspired by her and I just know that you will be too!

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