This incredibly powerful tool helped me enormously on my journey from loathing myself to loving myself...

So what is tapping?

Just what it sounds like! It involves tapping with the tips of your fingers on specific points on your body (the meridian points), whilst focusing on what you're feeling. It works like magic by reducing the intensity of the feeling in just a few minutes.


As I explained in Chapter 5 of my book Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror, thinking negative thoughts can cause us to feel feelings that we don’t feel comfortable with because they feel yucky, overwhelming and painful – for example, over-stressed; anxious; sad; jealous; inferior; “not good enough”; stupid; useless; unworthy; unlovable; depressed; and more. These feelings can then lead to unhealthy behaviors or habits that can be destructive to our emotional and physical well-being. 

For example, when Little Miss Critical used to holler in my ear that I was “not skinny enough” and “not perfect enough” it caused me to feel horrible and yucky about myself. I would then go on a diet and sometimes not eat anything at all during the day to try to be skinnier. Then, in the evening, I would feel miserable, hungry and super-stressed and eat loads of anything I could get my hands on.

Over time these unhealthy and controlling eating habits turned into full blown bulimia. 

I used bingeing and purging to try to gain some control over my unhealthy and obsessive thoughts and feelings. It didn’t work; it just made me feel even worse about myself. But once this dangerous and disgusting habit gains a hold of you it becomes really difficult to stop it, even when you want to. 

Tapping helped save me from that very destructive path I was barrelling down. It helped me to let go of the emotional and physical stress I was suffering from and to find balance in my emotions and in my life…

And since I’ve healed myself of bulimia and my unhealthy body issues I still use tapping regularly.

If I ever get overwhelmed or anxious, I tap!

If I have fears or worries come up, I tap!

If I get scared before a public speaking event, I tap!

It's such a simple but powerful tool to have in your toolkit – it even helps with exam anxiety!

I want to share this gem of a technique with you so that you can start tapping your way to a happier, healthier and more empowered you right now…so I’ve made a simple video tutorial to show you how to do it.

Click below to download.