Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs and step out into this world as your most empowered self?



You've probably heard the words "self-love" and "self-care" before but so many of us associate that with having a massage, getting a manicure or going to a yoga class. And while all of that is lovely and I'm definitely an advocate for all of those things, true self-love comes from going within and reaching into those dark areas we're too scared to approach. I'm here to clear out those negative and limiting beliefs and heal those past experiences that have formed negative thought patters and habits in your life, so that you can truly step up and step out into this world as your most empowered self.

Because self-love won't be found:

  • In the next diet

  • When we lose those 10 pounds

  • Punishing your body at the gym

  • Texting that guy you know you shouldn't

  • Hiding your truest self to "fit in"

  • By playing small

  • By throwing up your meals (I've been there & it's not a good place!)

Self-love is found when we let go of our own inner Little Miss Critical and learn to listen to our Inner Wisdom.

By teaching you the tools I used to overcome my severe body image issues, self-doubt, fear of money and perfectionism complex - I will lead you towards a life of love, abundance, creativity and self-trust. Which has a huge knock on effect on all areas of your life (I can certainly attest to that personally!)

Are you ready?

Because of very limited availability, please apply for one of these exclusive complimentary 45 minute discovery sessions only if you are committed to taking action and stepping up to work with Helena right away. We are looking forward to speaking with you and either myself or one of my team will be in touch very soon.