Hey gorgeous, I’m so grateful you’ve found this page…

…because I’m sure there’s a divine reason why you stumbled across it.

Maybe you’re looking for clarity on your own money mindset…

Maybe you deep down know that you’re made for epic magical shizzle but don’t understand why you keep hitting a self imposed glass ceiling…

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a very specific kind of coach who can help you 10X your business, finances and all the powerful things that ripple outwards from both of those…

Well, let me quickly introduce myself and share a little bit about how I went from rock bottom having 79 cents left in my bank account to landing and signing $70,000 contracts (within a relatively short space of time).

As all us ambitious female entrepreneurs can relate to…I was doing all the things.

Hunched over my laptop until way too late at night. Had the “perfect” lead magnet, the perfectly curated social media pages, had launched FB ads and heck I even had a successful book that had been featured internationally on CBS, NBC, BBC, Good Day Washington, Good Morning LA LA Land and many more!

But I never seemed to be able to hit that income goal.

And what sucked big time was that I simply wasn’t attracting my ideal high paying clients.

My self-esteem was pretty down.

And I felt like if onlyyyyy I could make enough money and hit that income goal THEN and only then would this missing piece of my self-worth feel complete.

But it wasn’t until I had hit rock bottom that it hit me. I’d worked on all these other areas of my inner self that had supported me in healing an eating disorder and attracting the relationship of my dreams.


Light bulb moment 💡

Because we are ALL in a relationship with money. And if we want that relationship to be as fruitful, magnetic, loving and sexy as possible then we need to take a very deep look inwards and understand our money paradigms and programming.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Instead of faffing around trying to find the next strategy that would finally help me make money in my business, I focused on my money mindset. As I went on a journey towards healing my toxic money relationship, I very quickly realized that I’d subconciously been pushing money away (even though I consciously desperately desired it!).

And as cliche as it sounds (yes I know some of you are eye-rolling me right now) but the rest is history.

My business truly transformed and I quickly hit 6 figures. It almost feels like magic. And yes, it’s some parts magic but it’s most parts deep subconscious reprogramming.

And now I’ve made it my mission to help other ambitious female business owners achieve epic money magic in their lives and businesses. In fact, one client calls me the money wizard!

Are you interested in learning more about my money wizadry? Are you ready to say one big giant yes to your big BIG money goals?

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