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Who said that being a teenage girl is easy? Not anyone who’s been one recently, that’s for sure!

The truth is that being a teenage girl comes with a bucketful of pressures and stress. We have so many different things to worry about – school, friendships, gossip, bullying, popularity, relationships, sex… not to mention having a “perfect” body”!

There's so much pressure for us to conform to how we think we should look and how we should act that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose touch with who we really are. Sometimes, we hide our real selves behind a filter to try to “fit in” with how we think others expect us to be.

I used to do that. I would put so much pressure on myself to be “perfect” – to be liked, to be accepted. And do you know where that led to? To a dump called ...MISERY STREET!

Fast forward a few years and there’s good news. I found a way out of Misery Street and discovered an amazing, new, happier and healthier way to be a girl in the world today. Now, I want to share with you what I’ve discovered, so that you can…

Rock your teenage years, instead of being stressed out by them.

You don’t need to put up a filter to fit in to anybody else’s idea of “perfect”, or “acceptable.” That’s the direct road to Misery Street, and you don’t want to go there, even for a visit!



Wanna know the secret to feeling truly happy and super-confident in the skin you’re in? Start loving yourself exactly as you are right now - yeah, sounds weird, but, still true! When I took off the filter and started to love and accept myself with all my “flaws and imperfections,” life changed in some gobsmackingly awesome ways –  relationships, confidence, moods, even my body shape! No, I’m not kidding.

I created Girl Unfiltered as a safe space for you to come to for guidance and support when you’re feeling down, stressed, challenged, confused, or just curious about life. I want you to know that you are not alone and, whether you’re aware of it yet, or not, you are incredibly powerful.

You have a sister here who walked the same path as you just a few years ago, and I will gladly share what I’ve learnt along the way, so that you don’t end up in Misery Street. And, if you’re already there, I’ll shine a light on the path so you can find your way out. 

Got a question about boys, dating, body issues, friendships, bullying?

Send me a message and tell me what you wanna know. I’ll get back to you with the best advice I can in the blog section, while keeping your identity private, of course.


Be prepared for your life to get a whole lot happier!


Here's How I Can Help



EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Therapy

Passionate about being able to help teen girls overcome their deep set body beliefs, insecurities and anxieties- I became an expert EFT practitioner. This revolutionary practice easily and effectively unpacks the “stress backpack” teen girls carry around with them. 

Public Speaking

I would love to come and speak at your school or event. I have a powerful presentation that inspires young girls to let go of Little Miss Critical and the battle for perfection by embracing a whole new healthy & loving way of thinking, feeling and behaving. My presentation is completely customizable.

Free Confidence Boosting Series

Discover 3 ways to instantly boost your confidence, kick shyness in the butt and embrace your inner Supergirl in less than 10 minutes. Download my free workbook today and receive 3 coaching videos as a bonus!


This book is for every girl who has ever looked in the mirror and criticized her own reflection; for every girl who has ever compared herself negatively to others and also for all the girls who are already struggling with negative body image issues and unhealthy eating habits.


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