It’s Not Money You’re Really After

Hey gorgeous!

Do you tell yourself things like…

“When I have lots of money I’ll finally feel comfortable?”


“When I hit 6 figures in my business then I’ll feel super fulfilled…”


“When I meet the love of my life, then I’ll feel happy and sexy!”

Are you waiting to reach a certain level of success or to receive a specific reward in order to finally feel happy?

I get it.

Because that’s what our society teaches us to think and feel (but that’s a whole other topic!)

But I deeply desire for you to hear what I’m about to share.

No amount of money or success will suddenly make you feel these things.

And if it does, it will be for a very short lived period of time.

And this week was total confirmation of that for me.

You see, I just hit a huge milestone in my business. It’s been an absolutely incredible uplevel. I’ve achieved something that I probably would never have even thought was possible just 2 years ago.

So do I feel any differently?

The answer is no.

I feel excited and grateful and abundant. YES. But I was already embodying fulfillment, wealth, joy, happiness and love BEFORE this money even manifested itself into my life. So, receiving it doesn’t actually feel that different! And because I was already living in that vibrational alignment, that’s why I was even able to manifest and close this deal in the first place!

So I deeply desire for you to ask yourself – “WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?”

What are you waiting to experience? Is it worthiness? Success? Fulfillment?

And how can you start truly giving yourself and experiencing those feelings NOW. This is the missing key to manifestation. And with that key, you’ll become the magnet to all that you desire.

We’ve all heard the phrase “money doesn’t buy you happiness”. And in some ways I think we’ve twisted that to mean that we don’t need money or that money is wrong. I totally disagree. What I think this really means is that “no amount of money will suddenly make you happy”. Happiness is a choice. Fulfillment and worthiness are choices.

So what can you choose today?

Sending you so so much love and prosperity,

Helena xoxo