Happiness is the Superpower You Have the Choice to Embrace

My friend was talking about his run on Santa Monica beach. An absolutely gorgeous part of the world that many dream of visiting, let alone living close to. White sand, gorgeous sunsets, palm trees and people out and about enjoying their lives. He said, “Yea I was running thinking about the life I would like to lead.”

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Do I Still Need "Time-out"?!

I was thinking of this whole notion of ‘time-out’ today as I made breakfast for myself in my currently quiet apartment (roommate is on vacation!) After a very busy week of work and travel, I thought to myself, I’m actually glad to be giving myself my very own ‘time-out’!

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I'm not just a "girl".

This evening, my mind was racing and my gut told me to get my butt to my local spin class. And, usually my gut is spot on. So I listened. And half an hour later, I found myself clipping into my bike as a Sia song started to reverberate throughout the room. I took a deep breath. And told myself…

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Hot or Not. I love myself.

Women are compared to one another. And this isn't based on their intelligence, work - ethic or accomplishments. This is simply based on how they look. So  now, as a nation of young women, from the moment we're born, we're programmed to think that our self-worth comes from what we look like. And we think it's ok to judge one another, solely based on whether they're 'hot or not'!

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