One Of My Fav Manifestation Tips

Do you ever think about things that you **wish** you could have but tell yourself…

“I can’t afford that.”


“That’s too expensive.”


“I’ll never be able to do/have that!”

Think of one of those big things that you’d love! Are you pushing it away by making it actually feel really far away from your reality?

I’d like to support you in saying YES to these things on an energetic level NOW!

This weekend I went and test drove the car that I’ve had up on my vision board for so long.

A gorgeous white Mercedes.

You see, it’s time for me to upgrade my car and so I went down a deep rabbit hole on Friday googling and researching countless cars.

I found a make and model that I loved and instantly my heart was set on it.

But instead of heading straight to the dealership, my husband had an excellent idea.

He said “Why don’t you experience what it’s like to actually live with this car for the weekend? Go do the grocery run. Head to the gym. Go out for dinner. Let’s see what it is really like!”

I thought it was a genius idea. So I went straight online, rented the exact make and model for the weekend and within 2 hours I had the keys to the Mercedes in my hand. It was that simple.

It wasn’t just a photo on a vision board anymore. It was in my hands.

It reminded me of two really valuable manifestation tips that I’d love to share with you:

Number One

How can you start giving yourself the experience of the things you desire NOW, instead of pushing them away for later and wondering WHEN it’s actually going to be possible?

Is it experiencing what it’s actually like to drive your favorite car for the weekend? Is it renting the style of house you dream of buying one day and staying in it for the weekend? Is it going to that restaurant you love and ordering a glass of champagne?

What have you been energetically been pushing away, that you can start saying YES to now?

Number Two

Something I did NOT expect happened when I sat in this brand new Mercedes. I realized that I actually didn’t feel that differently to how I felt driving my current car. In fact, it made me feel even MORE gratitude for what I do already have. And it reminded me that this very feeling is the KEY to manifestation.

It’s knowing deep in your heart that you CAN have what you desire, but finding even deeper gratitude for what you do already have.

So while you’re working towards manifesting all the things you desire – remember to give thanks for everything you already have within your life. This feeling of gratitude will actually help you manifest the things you want so much more quickly.

Sending you so much love and abundance,

Helena xox

P.S. I actually realized this specific model isn’t the one for me haha! So glad I lived in it for a day…the search continues!