Heighten Your Frequency By Taking Your Self Care Ritual To A Whole New Level – with Elizabeth Carter

I was so excited to interview this absolutely gorgeous soul because we’ve never had anyone discuss this topic on the podcast before AND because she’s such a grounded and magical spirit.

Elizabeth Carter is the founder of Honest Rituals, which she created for the natural woman seeking Holistic Beauty Rituals. Her studio is situated in the beautiful mountains of Topanga Canyon. It’s a space to learn how to heal the skin by using a mixture of plants, oils, and facial massage. Elizabeth specializes in Facial Massage which realigns the facial posture and releases tension we hold in the face.

And as you’ll hear on today’s episode, this goes so much deeper than simply the idea of a facial. This is about deepening your self care practice, releasing stuck energy and stepping into a whole new frequency. I just LOVE it!


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