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Praise for my Debut Book!

Who Said That Being a Teenage Girl is Easy?


Not anyone who’s been one recently, that’s for sure! Being a teenage girl comes with a bucketful of pressures and stress. We have so many different things to worry about.

  • School
  • Friendships
  • Bullying
  • Popularity
  • Relationships
  • Sex…
  • Not to mention having a “perfect” body”!

There's so much pressure for us to conform to how we think we should look and how we should act that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose touch with who we really are. 

I used to do that. I would put so much pressure on myself to be “perfect” – to be liked, to be accepted. And the day I decided to finally rip off that perfection filter, was the beginning of the most amazing life-long friendship with a very special person. Myself!

Now, I want to share with you what I’ve discovered on my journey towards learning to love and accept the girl in the mirror, so that you can…


Rock Your Teenage Years Instead of Being Stressed Out by Them


My Book is Now Available!

This book is for every girl who has ever looked in the mirror and criticized her own reflection; for every girl who has ever compared herself negatively to others and also for all the girls who are already struggling with negative body image issues and unhealthy eating habits.


Want to Discover Your Inner Supergirl?

Confidence is not something we're all naturally blessed with. For me, it was something I totally had to develop. And now, anybody that knows me would certainly never call me shy!

I want to share with you some of the powerful tools I used to develop my confidence muscle, kick shyness in the BUTT and embrace my inner SUPERGIRL!

Super girl confidence

Join Me in the Kitchen!

I absolutely love to cook! Learning to nourish my body from the inside out was one of the most powerful ways I overcame my eating disorder. 

I ditched the diets and said YES to FEEDING my body! And as a result, my body transformed into the one I had always been dreaming of.  I quickly became fascinated with how we can love, heal and nourish our bodies through the ingredients we use.

So I'm really excited to share with you some of my favorite recipes!



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Here's How I Can Help



EFT / Tapping

Passionate about being able to help teen girls overcome their deep set body beliefs, insecurities and anxieties- I became an expert EFT practitioner. This revolutionary practice easily and effectively unpacks the “stress backpack” teen girls carry around with them. 

Public Speaking

I would love to come and speak at your school or event. I have a powerful presentation that inspires young girls to let go of Little Miss Critical and the battle for perfection by embracing a whole new healthy & loving way of thinking, feeling and behaving. My presentation is completely customizable.

Free Confidence Boosting Series

Discover 3 ways to instantly boost your confidence, kick shyness in the butt and embrace your inner Supergirl in less than 10 minutes. Download my free workbook today and receive 3 coaching videos as a bonus!


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